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    Ntak-ahọrọ anyị? 15 afọ ahụmahụ na PCB n'ichepụta na PCB Assembly / ISO9001, TS16949, Mankeumman Ihu na RoHS Dabara / One-nkwụsị ngwọta n'ihi na PCB imewe, ngwa-n'aka prototyping, components sourcing, SMT & Site-onu nzukọ / Ọtọ ule, Herọd nzukọ / Testing Services: AOI Nnyocha, na Circuit Testing, X-Ray na Ọtọ Testing.
    Ntak emi Họrọ Anyị

    Full / Ele Mmadụ Anya n'Ihu turnkey / Consignment PCB Assembly / prototype PCB Assembly / Ndenye-Tụgharịa PCB Assembly / PTH, SMT, na weere technology mgbakọ sekit / Fine-pitch BGA, Pop, QFN, ma nta ngwugwu 0201 / RoHS Dabara edu ndú-free nzukọ / Conformal mkpuchi / 100% AOI Test na X-ray ule maka BGA / IPC Standard Class 2 /
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    1.0ne-stop service covering hardware design + software program + PCB layout + PCB assembly + casing service for customers. 2.More than 10-year experiences with PCB,PCBA production in automatic,auto,medical,industrial con- trol,security,communications,power supply filed.We help our customers to deal with their difficulties in the production and cost down by sourcing from China. 3.We provide full BOM sourcing for all kinds of electronic.parts,connectors,plastic mold and cable,etc. We have most professional component sourcing team and competitive sourcing channels with guarantee quality. 4.Instant feedback and short delivery time.We provide 24-hour online service for global customers.We quote BOM within 24 hours and PCB assembly prototype in 5 days. 5.Both prototype and mass production are acceptable.There is no minimum order quantity restrictions. 6.We test both PCB and key components 1009 6 before delivery.Our warranty is 12 months for all the boards and products. 7.We provide credit to our long-term cooperation customers.
    anyị Advantage
  • PCB & PCBA Ọrụ

    *PCB layout and PCB production *Components Procurement and management. *PCBs Assembly (SMT & DIP)*Electronic & Mechanical new project design & development *AOI, X-ray, IC programming,Functional Testing and ICT testing*Complete Unit Assembly (box building)
    PCB & PCBA Ọrụ

Shenzhen Hengda Electronics Limited., Tọrọ ntọala na 2007, (headquartered na Shenzhen, na PCB mmepụta isi dị na Zhuhai, na PCB nzukọ isi bụ na Shenzhen baoandistrict), bụ ọkachamara na kọmputa na ngwaahịa R & D, PCB imewe, PCB mmepụta oyiri, PCB n'ichepụta , PCB mgbakọ, OEMODM ọrụ .Hengda enye ọkachamara onye-nkwụsị PCB ngwọta ọrụ na elu oru nkwado anụ ụlọ na mba ọzọ ụlọ ọrụ, ụlọ mmepụta ihe, na-azụ ahịa, nnyocha institutes.


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